Mya Angela


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Hi there! I'm Mya, Filipina, 29 years old. I studied Computer Science with specialization in Instructional Systems Technology (in short, a Multimedia course) at De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines.

I'm currently working as a Multimedia Designer (Graphic Designer and Front-end Web Designer and Developer) for roughly 8 years now.

(Warning: Next section is personal. :D )
I'm a fan of horror movies.
I'm a fan of crime tv series. My favorites are Dexter and Criminal Minds.
I'm a fan of rock/alternative songs. My favorite band is Nickelback. \m/
I love eating, especially sweets.
I try baking and cooking from time to time -- when I have time and money.
I love travelling especially going to the beach! Have you been to Boracay? Please do so. But I'm afraid of too much sun, so, Im a sunscreen advocate.
If I become rich, I want to go to Europe. Rome first? And then to some places with castles. Germany, maybe.
When I was little, I always dreamed of being a princess. I'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen but I'm still hoping to see a real castle one day.
My ultimate celebrity crush is Leonardo di Caprio.
I have a dog named Casper(Lab Ret) and he is one of my best loves. He makes me smile everyday even though he is the craziest dog!
Thank you for reading my biography. Thank you to my loves for the support and inspiration.

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!


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