Mya Angela


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Hi there! I'm Mya, Filipina, 25 years old. I studied Computer Science with specialization in Instructional Systems Technology (in short, a Multimedia course) at De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines.

I'm currently working as a Multimedia Designer (Graphic Designer, Flash Designer and Front-end Web Designer and Developer) for roughly 4 years now.

When I don't work, I do side projects to master my skills more, to add some to my portfolio, and to get extra cash, of course. :) I enjoy graphic designing and flash creation the most but whenever I finish a website(a plus if it totally works in IE6), I just feel so proud of myself. grin

(Warning: Next section is personal. You don't need to read if you don't want. :D )
I'm a fan of horror - flicks, tv shows, stories, designs.
I'm a fan of crime tv series, especially Dexter and Criminal Minds. Dexter Morgan, will you marry me??? Haha!
I'm a fan of rock/alternative songs, but I appreciate rnb and pop also. My favorite band is Nickelback. Yeauh! \m/
I love eating, especially sweets- cake, ice cream, cookies etc.
I try baking and cooking from time to time -- when I have time and money.
I love travelling especially going to the beach! Have you been to Boracay? Please do so, if not. But I'm afraid of too much sun, so, Im a sunscreen advocate.
If I become rich, I want to experience a European Cruise. Rome first? Yes, I am Catholic. And then to some place with castles. Germany, maybe.
When I was little, I always dreamed of being a princess. Now, I'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen but I'm still hoping to see a real castle one day.
My ultimate celebrity crush is Leonardo di Caprio. Leo, will you marry me??? My fiance won't mind, I'm positive! :D
I have a dog named Casper(Lab Ret) and he is one of my best loves. He makes me smile everyday even though he is the craziest dog!
I love my family and friends and fiance. They are the people who inspire me to do my best in all things. Ok dear boss, you also inspire me. ;)

Praise God! Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!


  • Graphic Designs
  • Flash Video
  • Microsite and Website Design and Front-end Development
  • Web Banners Marketing Collaterals
  • Ads


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash
  • Fireworks
  • Dreamweaver
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Video